Irresponsible state government

The people are going to have to decide what kind of life we shall have. The South Carolina legislature runs this state. The speaker of the house is under investigation by a grand jury. No state Infrastructure Bank money gets spent on roads in Pickens County but Charleston is being “gold plated” and other favored places like Horry County are spending almost all the money. Our members have seen this.

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No agenda here

I had a disturbing conversation with someone I consider a dear and close friend this past weekend which has left me a little perturbed. It seems one of the political parties in this state has taken umbrage with some of my remarks and have determined I have an agenda, not only an agenda but a liberal one at that.It’s time to dispel some rumors or the beginnings of them with a few statements about where I stand politically and make sure there is no room for misinterpretation....

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If you have to borrow, you can’t afford it

To know what is truly important to Americans all you have to do is turn on your television set and wait. It all becomes very apparent as what was once the home of the free has become the mortgage of the indebted.Where fiduciary responsibility and the necessity of good sound financial management was the backbone of the United States’ economic belief system, both on a corporate and individual level, it’s funny how much 50 years can change a society and culture. But the so...

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Worth more: One man or an entire city?

A population of 100,000 is substantial. Five states don’t even have one metropolis that large. Some cities that size, like Fargo, North Dakota, are their state’s biggest. Others, like Lansing, Michigan, are state capitals.About 100,000 people live in Rochester, Minnesota, home of the Mayo Clinic. The same goes for Burbank, California and Springfield, Ohio.Most of America’s cities of 100,000 now share one uncomfortable reality.

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November governor battle will be a political brawl

It’s beginning to look as if this could be a very interesting campaign season as concerns the gubernatorial race in South Carolina and the issue of the state’s Department of Social Services will be the battleground upon which it is fought.All it takes is turning on the television to see the landscape of the campaign beginning to form on the horizon. The Democratic Governors Association has now joined the fray, tossing down the proverbial gauntlet in a new ad campaign wh...

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Again, the isolationist smear

It doesn’t take much to be smeared as an isolationist by leading Republicans. Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who appears to be running for president again, and former vice president Dick Cheney — not to mention Sen. John McCain, Gov. Chris Christie, and other members of the GOP establishment — can always be counted on to drag out that insult whenever they sense a threat from anyone not as hawkish as they are. If they thought that 30,000 U.S. troops should be sent somewhere, and some...

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Literature digs deep into the soul of the writer — and the reader

In the last seven months I would have to say we’ve covered any number of topics including religion, politics, my life, my sons, my pets, and music. You know more about me than either of my ex-wives ever knew, and they could read exceptionally well, so let’s try something different … let’s talk literature.Wait, before you put the newspaper down because you’re afraid I’m going to go into some diatribe on the value of the moral and ethical concerns ...

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Nothing new under the Gaza-Sderot Sun

The temperatures keep rising in the hot Gaza-Sderot region; after all it’s July. But it’s not the heat that is making our lives unbearable; it’s the renewed terrifying and senseless violence that within 24 hours spun out of control, affecting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and points further north. It’s the ‘here we go again’ lethal ping pong of Israeli bombings in Gaza and rocket attacks on Israeli communities.

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School trustee responds to AdvancED re-accreditation

By law, the South Carolina Department of Education accredits all public education units — school boards, school district operations and schools, and certifies the diplomas issued by school districts in the state. The School District of Pickens County is accredited by the state and in its 2012-13 report gave our district a 3.93 (out of 4.0) score. The state gave our school board the highest score of 4.0 or “All Clear,” showing it was/is compliant with state education laws, re...

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Let freedom ring but know why it’s ringing, too

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches there should be the thought of freedom on the minds of Americans across this nation, celebrating 228 years as an independent country founded upon the principles of freedom, but it will be an unfortunate turn of events this weekend as there will be given very little thought as to how that concept has changed.There will be fireworks, barbecues, family reunions, sparklers, and music. The Stars and Stripes will be on full display as one and all ...

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Why do some relationships work while others fail?

I got into a discussion about relationships with a friend recently, and although I’ve had the thought before and have limited how often I share this opinion, I do believe I know why approximately 50 percent of marriages end in divorce … so considering that statistic I figure I have even odds on getting this one right.Boy meets girl and loses his mind and it begins, while girl meets boy and all of the dreams she has ever held inside suddenly become an episode of Bridezil...

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