Anderson One aims to ready first year teachers

Billy Cannada Staff Writer

August 17, 2013

ANDERSON—With another school year well on its way, Anderson School District One is providing a little extra training for first year teachers.

All new Anderson One teachers met at the district office for three days of training last week, focusing on key areas such as culture, professionalism, instructional technology, classroom management and curriculum.

“We want these teachers to adapt to our culture in Anderson One, but more importantly feel at home,” Becky Brady, Director of Personnel for Anderson One. “This training is designed to make these teachers feel like they are part of a team. We just want to take some of that overwhelming factor out of being a first year teacher. It’s a difficult time and people don’t understand all that has to be done for the students coming in.”

“We want our first year teachers to be just as prepared as our veteran teachers,” she said. “We want them to know what to expect.”

Brady said classroom management is an important part of the three day introductory training.

“We hit classroom management very hard during our training,” Brady said. “These teachers will know how to create a sound, safe environment for students to learn. It’s really an area where we put a lot of focus.”

The district’s new superintendent, David Havird, agrees.

“The biggest challenge for new teachers is classroom management,” Havird said. “They spend a great deal of time on that, learning how to handle certain situations and how to acknowledge the needs of every student.”

Havird says the training was designed to ease the transition for new teachers.

“This is just a walkthrough of a variety of things that we have determined first year teachers need to know,” Havird said. “There will be a lot of challenges when school starts, but we try to do this to ease the transition.”

Brady said new teachers will need to put a focus on curriculum and understanding data during their first year.

“Young teachers coming in today have to know how to access, utilize and understand data in order to improve instruction,” Brady said. “We do a lot of work on preparing the teachers for the curriculum and what they will have to deal with on a day to day basis.”

Brady said she feels confident in the new hires, and says mentors will play a crucial role for the group this year.

“I think this group will be great,” Brady said. “We give a lot of support and assistance, but the biggest and most important piece is the mentors. Each new teacher is assigned a mentor. These folks will leave here and attach themselves to their mentors who will walk the journey with them. Our mentors work so hard, and they are the ones that really bring these teachers along.”

The first day of school in Anderson One is August 19.