New gym pumps up fitness opportunities

Lonnie Adamson Editor/General Manager

September 16, 2013

EASLEY – Success of a 24-hour fitness franchise in Anderson has spurred the addition of the brand to Easley by late September.

Greg Powers, owner of the Anderson Workout Anytime, was meeting flooring contractors and potential customers at the Easley location Tuesday, ramping up for the Sept. 15 delivery of workout equipment. “We have set company records for growth,” Powers said of the Anderson location near Hamericks on Clemson Boulevard.

Powers took over a former Blockbuster Movie location near the Anderson Mall and believes the traffic in front of the store has something to do with its popularity.

“The thing they really like is the $15 a month fee, and no contract,” he said.

Patrons of the Easley location adjacent for Publix Grocery on 123 at Brushy Mountain Road will get the same deal — $15 per month for 24/7 access to cardio and weight gear, showers and locker rooms.

The company’s founders decided to pursue the approach in Atlanta in 1999 said corporate Marketing Director Randy Trotter. “They noticed that people weren’t interested in the expensive gyms and the saunas and all of that.”

What they were interested in was access anytime to weight equipment and aerobics equipment. “Showers were popular for people working out on their way to or from work,” Powers said.

The locations are manned during certain hours and have a slide key system that allows patrons through the door regardless of whether it is manned.

Personal trainers are available at each location on a scheduled basis at extra cost.

Chase Cleveland drives from Starr to workout regularly at the Anderson location. Shane Lindley lives in Greenwood but works in Anderson. “I like to work out before I go home in the evening,” Lindley said between lifts on triceps machine.