A Jack Moore story…

Norman Cannada

October 2, 2013

Jack Moore will be remembered for a lot of things – an ad salesman who could talk people into just about anything, a beach music lover and DJ and one of those people everyone knew and loved.

But, I will remember Jack Moore for his stories.

A Wednesday morning paper route with Jack in my early days with The Progress was “storytime” for me as Jack and I ran the route together. I learned a lot about him – and for that matter a lot of other people in Easley – during those rides.

The best story involved Jack and one of my other favorite Easley personalities of the late 1980s are early 1990s, Doris Childress. Doris and Jack were always talking about something. If Doris would do a little too much bragging about something, Jack would try to bring him back to earth.

Such was the case when Jack told Doris he had tickets to the Clemson-South Carolina football game in Death Valley.

“I’m going to the game too,” Doris told Jack.

“Do you have a ticket?” Jack asked.

“No, but I’m going,” Doris said.

Jack said he spent the next few minutes trying to explain to Doris that it would be impossible for Doris to get a ticket to the game. Even if Doris could find a ticket, it would be too expensive for him to buy.

Jack said Doris continued to insist that he would be at the game. Finally, out of frustration and trying to get Doris to listen – something Jack should have known wasn’t going to work – he wrote down his seat number and gave it to Doris, telling him he would give Doris $20 if he was able to get in the game and meet him at his seat.

When Jack got to the game that Saturday, Doris was sitting in his seat. An astonished Jack Moore handed over the $20 bill, but curious, he asked, “Doris, how did you get in?”

“Coach (Danny) Ford picked me up,” Doris responded.

Apparently Doris had been walking along the road and Ford got the Clemson team bus to stop and pick him up. He apparently entered the stadium with the coaches and the team.

I’m not sure Jack challenged Doris on anything after that.