Pumpkintown emergency vehicle overturns; three men injured

Joe Toppe Staff Writer

November 11, 2013

PICKENS COUNTY – While responding to a house fire Monday morning, a water truck of the Pumpkintown Fire Department overturned with three men on board.

According to County Administrator Chappell Hurst, the water truck overturned while swerving to miss a deer.

“They were responding to a house fire with a water truck,” Hurst said. “The house was vacant but it caught on fire and as they approached there was a deer right in the middle of the road.”

Hurst said as the water truck swerved to miss the deer, the water in the truck shifted causing the truck to overturn.

“When the back wheels went off the edge of the pavement, that water shifted and the truck rolled over,” he said. “There were three occupants in the truck and they were transported to the hospital. Two of them have been released and the third one will be released tomorrow.”