Election workers needed in Pickens County

February 4, 2014

PICKENS — The Pickens County Registration & Election Commission is seeking to build a pool of applicants interested in serving as election workers (Poll Managers and Clerks) at voting precincts throughout Pickens County for elections that will occur this year and beyond.

Election workers have a unique opportunity to serve their community, meet their neighbors, and become involved in the democratic process.

Election worker responsibilities include opening and closing the voting precinct, processing voters on laptop computers, ballot distribution, activation of the voting system, compliance with election laws and procedures, and general assistance to voters.

Registered Voters interested in serving as election workers should call 864-898-5948 or 864-898-5949 or send an email to elections@co.pickens.sc.us to register to attend an election worker application session to complete the necessary paperwork.

Staff will be on hand to guide you through the application process. Election workers will be appointed from this pool of applicants. Attending a session and completing the paper work does not guarantee you will be selected to be an election worker for any specific election.

Election worker application sessions will be held Feb. 5, Feb. 6, Feb. 10, Feb. 13 and Feb. 18. Sessions will last approximately 90 minutes. Multiple sessions will be held each day, so register for a session that fits into your schedule. Election worker application sessions are not training classes and no one will be paid for attending.

To serve as an election worker, you must:

1. Be a registered voter in Pickens County or an adjoining county (Anderson, Greenville, or Oconee counties); or be 16 or 17. (16- and 17-year-olds are compensated at the same pay rate as adults.)

2. Attend a Poll Manager Training Class before each election. Classes are three hours in length.

3. Be willing and able to work the entire Election Day, from approximately 5:45a.m. until approximately 8 p.m.

4. Be non-partisan and neutral when working an election.

5. Not be related to or work for any candidate on the ballot in your assigned precinct.

Identification needed when applying

Bring one of the sets of identification below with you to the session:

• U.S. passport (this will be the only identification needed if you bring this)

• S.C. driver’s license and your birth certificate

• S.C. driver’s license and your Social Security card