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I had a disturbing conversation with someone I consider a dear and close friend this past weekend which has left me a little perturbed. It seems one of the political parties in this state has taken umbrage with some of my remarks and have determined I have an agenda, not only an agenda but a liberal one at that.

It’s time to dispel some rumors or the beginnings of them with a few statements about where I stand politically and make sure there is no room for misinterpretation.

I am neither a Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, or any other label you want to place on me. I am a political atheist when it comes to political parties. I don’t believe in any of them and I’ll be glad to tell you why.

My affiliation to politics is that I am an American and can decide for myself how I feel and where I decide on each issue based on the issue, not an ideology put forth by a group of people who in all likelihood do not share my economic concerns or my particular station in life. I am more than capable of making my own decisions based upon intellect and rationality, not a party line.

The hard core decision by both parties to make the association with its counterpart an odious proposition at best and a scarlet letter upon your chest (C or L for conservative or liberal, depending on the situation) your reward is something I find completely and utterly un-American. The free exchange of thoughts and ideas is SUPPOSED to be the backbone of a democracy with compromise its brainchild.

Instead what we now have are two parties whose intent is to perpetuate their own agenda formulated upon the necessity of courting voters to retain and/or gain power. Here are a couple of questions to consider:

Do you think the Democratic position on immigration and a fast track to citizenship was formulated out of empathy, or was it to cater to the Hispanic voting bloc, the fastest growing bloc of voters in the nation?

Is the Republican reaction over comments I have made, and also called “slanderous” by some, in reference to Governor Haley’s lack of response on the DSS issue one where I have an agenda or based on her party affiliation?

I’m sure you could cull through all I have published over time and be able to make an argument for my taking one side or another, but only if you choose to ignore the body of the work, which is an equal opportunity common sense approach to our problems both in the state and as a country.

I loathe political ads and call anyone on them, no matter their affiliation. I find beating someone with a stick made up of the issues and failing to provide alternative solutions is an indicator of a lack of leadership, almost as much of a shortcoming as being responsible and sticking your head in the sand.

When your party, should you decide to do your business that way, begins to issue pledges for candidates to promote the party platform over your interests, or the next time you hear a political pundit talk about what a major win some event or vote was for one party or the other, ask yourself why they didn’t talk about if it was a win for the people. I can’t recall the last time there was a major issue discussed in which the interests of the voters was discussed before the interests of the party.

The time has come to say enough. I am more than capable of deciding for myself where I stand on abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, defense spending, the overextended military presence, immigration reform, and on and on. Surprisingly you may find yourself stunned by how I do feel about those and any other topic and none of my opinions are based on catch phrases of “family values” or labels like conservative or liberal.

Many of you will scoff and there may even be a few out there who agree with me, but one thing I feel comfortable in saying is this: if the political system, propped up even more now by corporate funding and spending, isn’t brought into check, the day is coming when your correspondence might begin with something different than Dear Sir.

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